Talent concept

Only the ability to use, the ability to do one's best, the duty to do one's best

As the main force of Chinese pharmaceutical machinery industry, Jiangsu Yonghe Company has a glorious history. The growth process of Yonghe is the epitome of China's pharmaceutical machinery industry from germination to rise. In the new century, "Yonghe" is speeding up its development along with the "entry into WTO".

Tracing back to its origin, Yonghe today's brilliance is created by all Yonghe people together, and is the result of the company's long-term adherence to the "people-oriented" talent strategy. "Yonghe" is not only a hot land for talented people, but also a hot land for seeking and thirsting for talents, but also a hot land for gathering talents.

With its unique corporate culture, "Yonghe" has created a good growth environment and career development space for talents. The company adheres to the principle of "keeping people in business, keeping people in emotions, keeping people in treatment" as its human resources work. It constantly develops and innovates in the recruitment, selection, training, incentive and restraint, performance appraisal and other aspects, vigorously builds a talent plateau, and gradually establishes a scientific human resources management system.

Dream counterparts

Heart has how old, stage has how old, yonghe mechanical welcome every one who dares to take responsibility for the enterprise


Give you a fulcrum, so that you can pry up a new field of business.

"Yonghe" puts forward "the use of talents without any restrictions" and vigorously promotes the employment mechanism of "openness, equality, competition, and merit-based". No matter what position you are in, as long as you can develop your potential talents, as long as you have real talents, You may become a talent that the company reuses. The company has formed a good atmosphere of respectful, fair competition, respect for knowledge and respect for talents, so that every capable and ambitious employee can display his talents and realize his ambitions!

The family has Wutong Fengfang, and "Yonghe" provides a broad sky for talents. We are proud to welcome more people of insight to join us and create a better future together!