“Yonghe” won the title of “Top Ten Most Honest and Famous Brands”

Release time:2012-09-28 Publisher: Yonghe Pharmaceutical Machinery

On September 6th, Er Kang Cup·Hui Cong Network 2012 Pharmaceutical Industry Top Ten Brand Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing Huicong Network Headquarters Base. The “Top Ten Awards” campaign has received extensive attention from experts and industry elites for its fairness and authority. It has also received the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, China Medical Equipment Engineering Association, China Non-Prescription Drug Association, China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, and Chinese Medicine. The Packaging Association, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products, the China Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Association, the Post-General Ministry of Health Tablet Press, and the Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

With the theme of “Responsibility for Quality, Innovation for the Future”, the event aims to recognize companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the health and rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry. After nearly five months of fierce competition, a total of “Top Ten National Brands”, “Top Ten Most Competitive Brands”, “Top Ten Most Honest and Famous Brands”, “Top Ten New and Well-known Brands” and “Ten” were selected. "Good users are satisfied with well-known brands" and "Top Ten Fengyun People" six awards.

The brand name "Yonghe" - Jiangsu Yonghe Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. won the title of "Top Ten Most Honest and Famous Brands". The picture below shows Dai Fei, the representative of Jiangsu Yonghe Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. at the awarding ceremony.

Jiangsu Yonghe Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. representative Dai Fei

Acceptance speech:We are very honored to receive this honor today, and we will continue to shoulder our responsibilities. We are standing at a new starting point today. We will, as always, make unremitting efforts to make more and greater contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. Thank you. .

Brand interpretation:High quality service, high technology innovation, high speed development