KQF Type High-Speed Air-Flow Powder Sub-Filling Production Line

This machine group meets the requirement of “CGMP”,it is used to wash sterilize and fill the antibiotic bottles,it is made by LXP type chain multi-position washing machine、KSM type bottles tunnel sterilizing machine & QFZ type air-flow powder filling machine.
The cleaning adopt andvanced special bucket transfer 、modular cleaning,eleven water-gas alternating rinse、mechnical arm took out the bottles,drying sterilizing adopt hot-wind cycle high temperature sterilizing, unique thermal expansion connector, chilled water cool cycle,powder filling adopt unique stainless steel belt deliverying,advanced air micro-hole piston suction & sub-filling,unique on-line counting adjust &on-line weighing,mechnical arm plugging ,filling & plugging with sterilizing ,it has high degree of automation.
This machine group adopt touch screen moving display operate,PLC program control;the host adopt converter.It has the function of on-line cleaning,on-line inspecting,alarm when over-temperature,no sub-filling when no bottles,no plugging when no bottles,on-line dosage adjusting,on-line automatically weighing, sterilizing docking , dust particles inspecting hole,automaticaly counting etc.
1.Sutiable bottles:2-30 ml vials.( According to user requirements)
2.Capacity:200 bottles/min,400 bottles/min
3.Total power: ≤74KW
4.Power supply:380V,50Hz,3-phase and 5-wire system
5.Overall size: 12500×2500×2400(mm)