YGF series easy-to-fold plastic bottle filling and sealing machine

The machine conforms to the "CGMP" requirements, applicable to filling and sealing the new easy-folding plastic bottle. Developed and designed by our company, it is domestic initiative and international leading.
Through a series of special process works of automatic bottle supply, bottom filling, automatic capping, hot melt-type bottom sealing, pneumatic fingers clip sending bottles the machine finishes filling and sealing, being the first choice for oral liquid filling domestic equipment.
The whole machine adopts PLC control, man-machine interface operation, automatic and manual switch control, touch screen Chinese menu monitors, with empty bottles leak, no bottle no filling, leakage bottles and non-cap bottles remove, frequency stepless speed regulation , automatic counting functions.
The machine configured easy-folding plastic bottle is manufactured in clean area, that can reduce the washing, drying and sterilization processes, saving production site area, no broken bottle during loading and transportation.
1.Suitable bottle size:5-20ml(specially designed easy-folding plastic bottles)
2.Capacity:160 bottles/min
3.Method of measurement:All metal rotary piston pump
4.Metering accuracy:conforms to the state Pharmacopoeia
5.Method of sealing:bottom auto- heat melt sealing
6.Compressed air consumption:2m3/min(pressure 0.7Mpa);
7.Total power:16KW,20KW
8.Power supply:380V,50Hz,3-phase 5-wire system
9.Overall size:6200×4200×2400(mm)