XHGF Oral Liquid Filling Linkage Prodution Line

It conforms to "CGMP" requirements, applicable to metering filling of oral liquid bottle, made up of the CLQ ultrasonic washing machine, MSH high-temperature sterilizating tunnel oven, YGZ filling and sealing maching.
The line adopts dynamic display touch screen operation, PLC program control; host by frequency stepless speed regulation. Bottles undergo first rough ultrasonic washing, transmitted by special bottle bucket, after a nine-station in- external pressure washing, entering the high-temperature sterilizating tunnel oven, and then transferred to filling and sealing machine, with progressive side mesh getting bottles, ceramic pump track filling, flexible single-kinfe or three-knives track rolling capping, roller bottle collection devices, and other advanced processes, attaining high degree of automation. It is the latest oral solution ideal for high-volume equipment
This line has line washing, DOP testing, alarm when over-temperature, no bottle no filling,no bottle no capping, automatic counting functions.

1、Suitable bottle size:5~30ml oral liquid bottles
2、Capacity:200 bottles/min、300 bottles/min、500 bottles/min
3、Total power:≤76KW,
4、Power supply:380V,50Hz,3-phase 5-wire system
5、Overall size:11300×1720×2200(mm)